EZMReader -> custom A-Frame viewer

I previously used the Electric Zine Maker's HTML5 reader to display this zine online, but I wanted the zine to be more immersive, like a game, so I am currently using WebGL to display an equirectangular image as if it were a room (using code for a skybox). Figuring out how to display equirectangular images in a coherent, comprehensible and interactive way took hours. I didn't even write any shader code and it was still quite difficult.

In the future, I actually want to write shader code that is interesting and unique - not sure that will happen though.

The actual pages of this zine were made with the Electric Zine Maker! I like the tool a great deal, it's almost like a game in itself.


You Are A Coder Play in browser
Oct 26, 2023

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